Friday, March 25, 2005

My project list

Here is the list of project that I would like to work on....

1. Hourglass Sweater - almost, almost finished!! so this will be erased soon (hopefully).
2. My baby's pullover sweater - I have to find a yarn for this, I am going to use a pattern from Last Minute's Knitted Gift
3. My baby's Hooded sweater - I got 5 skeins of Louet Sales Opal in pewter, and the pattern will be from one of Debbie Bliss book
4. Spring Scarf for myself - I am not sure what kind of yarn I should use
5. Sleeveless Sweater for myself - I do have a general design of this sweater, but I don't know what yarn to use
6. Vest as a gift ...
7. something for my hubby... I can't find any patterns for him... I always have to make up my mind to knit for him, as his project is always huge...


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