Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Martha's Coming Home Poncho

When I saw Martha on TV getting on the plane after being relieved from jail, I immediately noticed that someone made that poncho for her. I didn't know if her daughter made it, or someone else (later fond that one of her inmate made it), if it was crocheted or knitted (it was crocheted), but I knew I was going to make it, because I LOVE it!

So, there it is!! I downloaded a free pattern from Lionbrand, and bought six skeins of Homespun (I used only three skeins, though) and a huge crochet needle, and my first crochet project began.

It took for a while (really, for a while) just to understand what the pattern says, but I somehow managed to read it, and it took only for about two (+a little extra) days to finish it!

I couldn't believe that I DID it~ and I LOVE it! It is very, very warm. It is almost like someone special is hugging you all time.

I personally don't like acryl yarns, but this homespun is 100% acryl, but it is just fine for this project.


Blogger Pyo said...

I stumbled upon you blog researching Martha stewart...
I always thaught this Coming home poncho pattern looked ugly, and I'm not really fond of ponchos... but I must admit taht yours falls nicely and fits you. So, congratulations on a good job :)

2:49 PM  

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