Thursday, March 31, 2005


Today, we went to Brooklyn just to walk around, and my hubby said he could take me to any yarn store I wish! So, I decided to try two stores that I wanted to check.

First we went to a store on Atlantic Avenue. There are lots of yarns! What a variety!
I picked up couple yarns, and I was almost ready to check out. Then, another lady came in to return a pattern she just purchased, and the lady over the counter said to her, "you should have had been more careful not to select the one you don't like!!" and very negatively received the return items...

So, my hubby came over to me and wispered, "she is very mean..."

Anyway, I purchased a couple of yarns, as I do always when I visited a yarn store for the first time.

But my shopping experience turned out very bad... which is sad....

So, we decided to go for Peter Luger, and had a wonderful, delicious, budget-conscious hamburgers, and this made our day!

I wanted to go to Yarntree as well, but I didn't know that business hours are 5:30pm - 10pm. I will try it again when I have a chance!


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