Wednesday, February 01, 2006

christmas gift to my husband

Here is the photo of a sweater that I made for my hubby---

Someone may notice, but this is Teva Durham's Irregular RIb Raglan with Toggle from Loop-d-Loop. I loved this pattern, and knitted this for a while, and realized it may be too big for my hubby, not because he is small, but because I knitted this kid classic too loose...

I have a tendency to knit loosely, but since this pattern says one size fits small woman to large man, I was a bit scared if it would come out too small for my hubby (who usually wears Large-X Large size).

Anyway, he tried this on on the christmas day and turned out too big, and now I have to fix it, but I totally lost my motivation to do it, and it's been sitting on the chair for more than a month...


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