Thursday, April 07, 2005

Habu Yarns --- fabulous!!

I went to city to visit my friend so on the way home I dropped at Habu.
This is my second time there, and I finally had a chance to look around and purchase some yarns!!
What a great space! It is very tiny, tiny space with a variety of fabulous yarns on the wall...

I have purchased:

2/17 tsugumi (100% silk) in mocha
1/4 mohair loop (81% mohair, 9% wool, 10% nylon) in beige
1/12 silk mohair (60% mohair, 40% silk) in charcoal gray
1/2.2 kenbo spiral (100% silk) in natural white
1/2.3 denim (40% cotton , 40% acrylic, 20% nylon) in beige
fringe tape (100% acetate) in gray

what a wonderful yarns!! I adore them.


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