Friday, April 01, 2005

Shopping Part II

I did it again... I DID went shopping again today to get more yarns...

I guess I wanted to erase yesterday's bad shopping experience... because it is usually a HEAVEN to go get yarns. So, I went to my LYS, the Yarn Girls. This is a relatively new store, and the owner is VERY nice! This is my second visit, and she remembered me!! Isn't it great?

I even asked her if I can exchange some yarns in different color, and she said "No problem!" What a nice lady! I really appreciate it, because I purchased so many different yarns last time to create something unique, and I guess I don't have enough talent to do it... so, instead of having Louet Sales' Euroflax in two different color, I decided to get three skeins in same color. I exchanged two skeins that I purchased last time, and newly purchased one more skein. Hopefully I can make something this time.

When I was looking around, she was working on her project, which was extremly nice! So, I asked which yarn she was working for, and she introduced to me a brand-new yarn from Wool in the Woods. What a nice yarn!! I can't believe it is 100% wool, but it is, and has such a deep color. I ended up purchasing one skein of Cyclone... Again, one skein of multi color...

So, here are yarns that I got today!

I do have a lot of one skein yarn in multi color, like Koigu's KPPPM, Lorna's Lace's Sheppered Sock, and etc... Does anyone recommend any pattern that uses only one multi-colored fingering-weight/sport-weight yarn? I have to figure out somehow to work on my stache of yarns...


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