Thursday, March 30, 2006

My First Spinning Attempt

I finally had an opportunity to take a drop spindle class.

I purchased some rovings and a spindle last summer to start practicing spinning, and was never able to do it.
So I decided to take some classes to give me a motivation to enter this new world.

This white ball is my very first yarn:

I also worked on a roving that I bought long time ago. It is beautiful! It happens to be a one dyed by my teacher. What a coincidence!! It came out as super thick & thin, but that's fine for now (I hope...).

The second class was about carding, combing, 2ply, blocking and finishing. I carded two different rovings (blue & pink shade) together and made a fine yarn on the left. It was so smooth and easy to spin. I also tried to make 2ply yarn, second from the left.

The next right one was a wool dyed by my teacher. I carded this wool and made a yarn and plied into 2 ply, shown far right.

I also purchased a roving of wool, silk and mohair mix. I tried to spun, but it was very gentle and easy to break off, so I ended up making a super bulky yarn (shown as balls). Then, my teacher demonstrated how to spin this type of fragile roving, and made some fine, fantastic yarn (shown on the spindle).

Oh, what a differece! I just need more practice.

What a great class! I truly enjoyed this experience. Hopefully I can continue to work on some spinning!


Blogger Mimi said...

Your spinning adventure sounds so much fun! Looks very difficult, though you will master with practice. Looking foward to see your progress and products. :)

11:07 PM  

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