Friday, February 10, 2006

Flying Fish?

I recently received a question about "flying fish" from a couple of knitters...

I am not sure which symbol it means, but if it is the symbol with fish's face up to the top, it should be either "twisted stitch" or "strand increase". This twisted stitch is often used in this type of sweater to emphasize the cable/rib lines.

If you have a moment. please visit ABC's of Knitting by tata & tatao. On the left column, you will find "Basic Stitches" section under "Illustrated Basics" which is listed at the fifth row from the top. When you click it, you will find the table of major Japanese knitting symbols and brief descriptions. When you click the illustrations link on the right, you will come across the illustrations of "how to make" that stitch. This is well made and worth taking a look!

Hope this will help...


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