Monday, April 10, 2006

Kool Aid Dye Project --- Elfine's Socks

I have decided to dye some yarns with Kool Aid, as it is non-toxic.... I am very interested in dyeing yarns, but I didn't want to work on chemicals which could be possibly toxic especially for my little baby... so I almost gave it up, and all of a sudden remembered that I can use Kool Aid to dye a yarn!

I chose Ice Blue Rasberry Lemonade and regular Lemonade to create a varigated color, but as soon as I poured the Lemonade powder, it started to spread all over the pan, so I quickly poured the blue one from the other side of the pan. They kind of merged together to create a beautiful green color, with a little hint of yellow. The two package was not enough to dye 100g of merino wool, so I added the third one --- another blue color.

Here is the skein that I got! I love the little yellow on the green. This is very close to what I have expected.

I was not good at dyeing fiber, as this is my first try, so some part of this skein got a bit felted, and I was having a little bit of tough time winding up into a ball, but I somehow managed to do it:

Again, I like this slightlly varigated color. The swatch looked great as well, except that the gauge was a bit off from what I wanted to be --- it came out as 29-30sts/4", while the pattern called for 33 sts/4".

Yet, I could not resist to knit the Elfine's Socks, so I started ... may be a bit too big, and I will decide whether I will continue or frog it after knitting one more leaf pattern. I love the way the color came out!


Blogger Mimi said...

Oh! it's certainly a beautiful dye, i like the hint of yellow hue in it. Hmm,makes me in the mood for dyeing!:)

2:58 AM  

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