Friday, February 09, 2007

Volunteer Work

I have been working as a volunteer mom at my son's Japanese school and I have donated some of my knitted accessories for their New Year's Festival for fundraising. I was originally posting this before the fair to get more people coming to the event, but my son was carried to ER a couple days before the event and our house was in a sort of panic for a while, so I wasn't able to update any of those items a head of time... anyway, I just wanted to leave the photos for my record.


Baby Pink Hat: some acrylic yarn

Pink Baby Hat

Fancy Yarn Hat & Scarf: 100% Wool -- very, very soft!

Fancy Yarn Scarf & Hat

Bobble Hat & Scarf: Acrylic Wool Yarns --- Pattern Reference: 手編みでお出かけ:Teami-de-Odekake

Bobble Scarf & Hat

Stripe Scarf by My Handspun Yarn - BFL Handpainted by Hello Yarn

My Handspun Scarf

Snowy Scarf & Hat - 100% Wool and 100% Silk Combination

White - Blue Scarf & Hat

Soysilk Scarf & Hat - 1 ball of Paton's SWC

Soysilk Scarf & Hat

Finger Knitting Scarf - some acrylic yarn

Yubiami Scarf

That's all for this year. I had more time working on these last year, but I did my best this year as well...



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