Monday, August 07, 2006

Butterfly from Rowan Magazine 37

We just moved to a new apartment last month, and I was unable to find a time to knit at all...
So, it took over a month to finish this Butterfly, but it is done after all!

Pattern: Buttefly from Rowan Magazine 37
Designer: Jennie Atkinson
Yarn: Louet Sales Euroflax Paris (color: pewter) less than 50g
Size: XS
Modification: insead of making ribbons on the shoulder in garter stitch, i made i-cords to connect front and back

I wanted to knit this with some summer yarn, and it was a bit difficult to find a yarn that is thin enough to knit this. I was looking around to see what could work for this pattern, and all of a sudden realized that my favorite euroflax has a variety in size, and tried this 2-ply paris for the first time. This was such a wonderful yarn and I totally loved it.

Here is how it looks on me:

I am very happy with the way it came out. It could be a bit tight, but that's ok--- it streachs a lot in both directions. I am very impressed with this border design!! It is a bit intricated, but not too bad, and creates such a beautiful line...

Now I have seen VK Fall 2006, I would like to start knitting some fall/winter sweaters, but it is still sooo hot (especially when the heat weave is here) and I have lots of stocks in summer yarns, so I will keep working on some summer stuff...


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