Monday, August 21, 2006

Hot Lava Cardigan

These days, it's been quite nice here around NYC ... although it was a bit hot yesterday... and I wanted to start working on some fall stuff, and looked around to find what I can make right now. I have lots of stock up yarns, especially summer yarns that my mother sent to me (or correctly I asked her to send them!) and I have touched none of them (=guilty). So, I decided to work on this yarn:


Puppy Comosilk (100% silk, 40g/160m, Needle: JPN #4-6, Gauge: 20-21 sts/ 24-25 rows); Color: 55

I have four of them! They instantaneously became my favorite! They have just the right feel that I love... Not too rough, not too smooth, a bit nubby (which I love!!), airy light, perfect earthy color, etc, etc... I would say this yarn resembles habu's silk tweed (which I also love), but a bit thicker and more solid, not as soft as habu's. I almost wanted to get all colors just to try...Check out all the colors here!


Here is the swatch that I tried:

The very bottom is this comosilk only. I was thinking about knitting Hot Lava Cardigan and the pattern called for US11 needles, I used US11 as well to make this swatch. Yet, because this yarn is so thin, it looked almost too loose to knit a cardigan, so I added habu's silk mohair in brown color (shown in the middle) and in gray ( shown on top) as I had a bit of each. I liked the brown a lot, but as I always ended up picking up some brown-cocoa color, I decided to work on a bit different --- the gray.

スワッチの一番下はコモシルクのみ。 Hot Lava Cardigan を編むつもりだったので、指定針の8mmで編んだところ、ちょっとすかすか、なので、手持ちのハブのシルクモヘアを入れてみました。真ん中が茶色で、一番上はグレー。いつもならほぼ間違いなく茶色にいってしまうところですが、今回はグレーにしてみました。

When I finished using the first balls, I knitted almost to the middle of the back... and I just started the second ball, and now I ran out of silk mohair. So, here is how it looks right now:


It looks so yummy, don't you think?



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Blogger Mimi said...

Silk yarn sounds so tempting! I saw your pretty Butterfly and Lace Cami. Perfect fit!

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Blogger wakana said...

Hi mimi! Welcome back home--- you got lots of yummy yarns & books!! I can't wait to see your new project.

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