Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sockapal-2-za .... What Can I Make?

i signed up Alison's sockapal-2-za and haven't done much...i still cannot decide which yarn to go...6

Saturday, July 02, 2005

New Yarns---

New Yarns---, originally uploaded by w_design_atelier.

My mother sent me lots of yarns today~

This was a total surprise!! It's very nice to receive something unexpected,

especially when they are yarns!!!!

I haven't decided yet as to what to make... I may make Lady Eleanor Entrelac

Stole from Scarf Style with the left yarn, and maybe Rowan's Deborah or

something similar with the blue one in the middle. The left one is

superwash, so it may be good for my son...

My son's Tank Top

My son's Tank Top, originally uploaded by w_design_atelier.

As my son's b-day approaches, i made a tank top for him.

It looks cool; it is a bit austere color for a little boy--- but i like it!

Whenever i make sweaters for him, he grew up so fast that the sweater looks

too small after a while, so i made it a bit big; but it looks a bit too big

for him.... but that's ok. he will grow into it!

Yarn: Euroflax Original (silver gray:2214 & emerald green: 2484) less than 1

skein each

Needle: US 3

Pattern: My original design