Saturday, December 09, 2006

Accessories ---

For the coming Christmas, I have been working on accessoires --- scarves, caplets, shawl, etc..and here are some of the accessories that I finished:


Kureopatora's Snake Scarf

Kureopatora's Snake Scarf
Designer: Kim Brody Salazar
Yarn: 2 balls of Rowan Tapestry (70% wool, 30% soysilk; 506/131yds) SH: 170
Size: Width: 3.5" (9cm) Length: 71" (180cm)
Needle: US #6

I wanted to knit this yarn since I first saw it... yet I knew it would have been difficult to knit an outfit with this type of multi-shade it was a great opportunity to knit this scarf with this yarn. I love the way it drapes a little bit, it has some silkish sheen, and the way color changes...what a beautiful yarn!


Here is how it looks when wrapped around the neck --- I used my vase instead, though.


Kureopatora wrapped

Next if a scarf with drop stitches. It is more like a necklace than a scarf. I wanted to make something to add a bit of accent around my neck when wearing something very simple.


Kakishibu Scarf

Design: Original (combination of drop stitches & garter stitches)
Yarn: less than 1 oz each of habu kakishibu silk; Diakeito Diamisto F mole; Rowan Kidsilk Haze; habu silk mohair
Needle: US #8 circular

I also put this around our vase.


Kakishibu Scarf - tied

Next is a 1x1 ribbed scarf. I used wool and silk yarns from my stash.


White & Blue Rib Scarf

Design: Original (simple rib stitches)
Yarn: wool thick & thin in natural color & handdyed silk in blue
Needle: US #15 for wool part & US #8 for silk part

I knitted wool with larger needles and silk with smaller ones to create some ruffle texture.


White & Blue Rib Scarf Close Up

Next is feather & fan scarf. I had tough time working on this:


Pink Feather & Fan Scarf

Why? Because this is not my color --- I am not good at working on pink/red yarns. I ribbed it so many times. It doesn't look too bad when wrapped around my neck, and it is, in fact, very very warm, probably because of frog tree's alpaca. Yet, so many times I was about to stop knitting this... I have some peculiar attitude toward a certain color.


Next is a caplet. I used lots of yarns from my stash. I love knitting something with leftover yarns. I knitted in both directions (ups and downs) to create this form. I love butterfly's zigzag lace edging, so I made it separetely and sewed into the main part. I didn't know how long the edging should be, so i added more lace a couple times to make a long, almost too long edging.


Caplet done~

I was wondering if it was too long and won't fit to the main part, but it came out alright. I am not good at calculating details, so I always knit on a hit or miss basis.


Now, I have two projects on the needle:


Brown Cape

Karabella Gossamer Lace Shawl

The first one is going to be a cape. I am using Suss Design's wool and mohair, and habu's tobi moire. It is going to be a reculangular in shape, and I will put some ribbon or string to tie it around the neck. The brown wool part is a knit three stitches together, and it takes long time to knit even one row...

上の方は、suss designのウールとモヘアにハブのとびモールをいれて編んでいます。長方形に編んで、ひもを通してきゅっと縛って使う形にしようと思っています。茶色のウールの部分が3目一度の模様なのですが、これが意外に手こずっています。

The bottom one is Karabella's Gossamer. It is made of mohair and silver /gold metallic yarn. It is 220 yds long in 50g ball. I was planning to make a shawl with two balls, but I I ran out of yarns when I was knitting the first part... so I guess I need to have three balls. I will make two identical shape and stitch together at the center.

下の方は、Karabella YarnsのGossamerという糸。モヘアとラメ糸で出来ていて、50gで220 ydsぐらいあります。2玉で作ろうと思っていましたが、意外と幅が出てしまったせいか、どうやら3玉かかりそう‥同じものを2枚編んで、中心ではぐ予定です。

Along with these, I was working hard on Union Square Market Pullover, which has been carried on from last year. I almost finished it, and tried it on to realize that it is way too short! I shortened the lengh by 1 inch, but it came out 3 inches short. That's a major difference! Furthermore, it is sooo small! I guess I gained a bit more than last year, so now, it has literally no extras and fits very very tightly. I won't redo the whole body part, but I may add a couple inches in length by cutting off the sweater around weist. I will do it sometimes, but I don' know when... I should do it now so that it won't be left over, but I have been very patient not to start any other new project (enid cardi, venezia pullover, phildar swing jacket...etc...etc..) and I don't think I can wait any more...I want to knit more scarves, I want to spin, and ... I have so many of "I want" thing in addition to this hectic christmas season that I am going to go crazy!

これらと平行して必死になって編んでいたのが、去年からの編みかけ、Union Square Market Pulloverです。おおよそ完成したのですが、着てみたら着丈がものすごい短い!自分で1インチほど縮めたのは覚えているのですが、出来上がりをはかってみたら、パターンより3インチも短かったです‥というわけで、おへそが丸見えで、しかも太ってしまったせいか、身頃もぱつんぱつんです。身頃はもういじる気はないのですが、着丈はのばしてあげないと着れないので、ここで落ち着いたら身頃を途中で切って、編み足してあげようと思っています。これが終わったら、念願のenid cardi, venetian pullover, phildar's swing jacketを一気に始めようと思っていたので、編み足してから新しいプロジェクトを始めるか、平行してやっちゃうか、他にも編みたい物がいっぱいあるし、紡ぎもしたいし、相変わらず頭の中がぐちゃぐちゃです。