Monday, November 19, 2007

Hello World

It has been almost 6 months since my last blog --- sorry for my laziness. I wanted to update my blog, but I wasn't able to handle too many things as my belly got bigger and bigger --- it grew up to 108cm at the end.


Anyway, now we have another beautiful boy in our family! It was such a quick labor, and it took only 20 minutes to have him in this world after we arrived at the hospital.


Since we didn't know if it was going to be boy or girl, I ended up making two hats for my baby --- I made emli version first, and my husband said if the baby was going to be a boy, he was not allowed to wear it --- he said it is too girly, and I should make another one for a boy. So, I made another one, and we used this one as we had a boy.


Baby's First Hats

The one on the left is emli hat. I used organic cotton, and I modified a little bit --- instead of starting with 80 sts of cast on, I had only 8 sts and increased to 80 sts. I like the way it came out.

左の帽子がemli hatです。オーガニックコットンをつかい、パターンを少しだけ変えて、作り目を80目から8目にして、最初は増目をしていきました。なかなかかわいく出来たように思います。

The right one is from the same organic cotton, and I made up some bobble stitches and worked all the way. It came out a bit stiff as the fabric got very thic.


Anyway, here is how it looked:


Owen Going Home

Owen in crib

I also made a first pair of shoes --- this one is crocheted with pearl cotton, and I am very pleased with the result.

ファーストシューズも作りました。パールコットンをかぎ針で。パターンは「はじめましての赤ちゃんへ 手編みの贈りもの」からです。すごくかわいく出来上がって、大満足です。

Owen's First Shoes

They looked very small when finished --- yet they were almost too big for a new born baby. They do have little feet.


Owen's Foot

Since he was born, I was busy taking care of just about everything --- plus my older son's school just started and I have to drive back and forth twice a day for almost one hour each with my new born son, so it was a bit stressful. But gradually, I was getting used to it and started to have some spare time to knit something little for my new born son. I decided to work on a cardigan as I totally fell in love with this. Here is how it came out:


111907 leaf cardigan finished

I used one ball and a little bit more of Nature's Palette. This yarn is hand-dyed with natural dyes and is just so beautiful! It's machine washable, so I don't have to worry too much about my baby burping everywhere.

Nature's Paletteという糸で、ひと玉とちょっとでできました。自然の染料で染めた糸で、すごく綺麗な色合いです。洗濯機で洗えるので、ゲップされても気にならないかな、と思って使いました。

I didn't have a pattern book for this, so I looked into her photos very closely and knitted up.


111907 leaf cardigan yoke

Here is when I finished knitting the first skein:


111907 leaf cardigan 1 ball

Close up of the leafy york part:


111907 leaf cardigan close up

My son in this cardigan:


111907 owen in leaf cardigan

I also made a matching monky pants:

111907 owen in leaf cardi & monky pants

The back of this pants is very cute:


111907 owen in leaf cardi & monky pants back

I have a lot more to show to you, but for now, this is all what I can do today! Hopefully I can update this blog on regular basis.