Thursday, March 31, 2005


Today, we went to Brooklyn just to walk around, and my hubby said he could take me to any yarn store I wish! So, I decided to try two stores that I wanted to check.

First we went to a store on Atlantic Avenue. There are lots of yarns! What a variety!
I picked up couple yarns, and I was almost ready to check out. Then, another lady came in to return a pattern she just purchased, and the lady over the counter said to her, "you should have had been more careful not to select the one you don't like!!" and very negatively received the return items...

So, my hubby came over to me and wispered, "she is very mean..."

Anyway, I purchased a couple of yarns, as I do always when I visited a yarn store for the first time.

But my shopping experience turned out very bad... which is sad....

So, we decided to go for Peter Luger, and had a wonderful, delicious, budget-conscious hamburgers, and this made our day!

I wanted to go to Yarntree as well, but I didn't know that business hours are 5:30pm - 10pm. I will try it again when I have a chance!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Knitting Circle

I went to my Knitting Circle today. I wore my Hourglass Sweater, and everyone loved it! I'm so glad I have an opportunity to share my wow~ happiness with.

As soon as I went in, I was asked "where is your poncho?"
I guess everyone thought I was going to wear it again, but I didn't this time, because I wanted to show my new Hourglass Sweater!

It's always nice to go there and sit about two hours just knitting and knitting and knitting... (and sometime chatting!). I can't just do this at home right now with my sweetest 20-month-old boy... He loves to pull my yarns and run away with it...

And here is my current project - my baby's pullover!
It's coming along~

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Martha's Coming Home Poncho

When I saw Martha on TV getting on the plane after being relieved from jail, I immediately noticed that someone made that poncho for her. I didn't know if her daughter made it, or someone else (later fond that one of her inmate made it), if it was crocheted or knitted (it was crocheted), but I knew I was going to make it, because I LOVE it!

So, there it is!! I downloaded a free pattern from Lionbrand, and bought six skeins of Homespun (I used only three skeins, though) and a huge crochet needle, and my first crochet project began.

It took for a while (really, for a while) just to understand what the pattern says, but I somehow managed to read it, and it took only for about two (+a little extra) days to finish it!

I couldn't believe that I DID it~ and I LOVE it! It is very, very warm. It is almost like someone special is hugging you all time.

I personally don't like acryl yarns, but this homespun is 100% acryl, but it is just fine for this project.

Monday, March 28, 2005

My Baby's Pullover

Now I am working with my baby's pullover. As I mentioned before, this is again from Joelle Hoverson's "The Last Minute Knitted Gifts." This is my fourth project from this book. I really LOVE this book! It does have a variety of project in not-too-simple but not-too-much design.

I am using Rowanspun, because I was very, very interested in this yarn when I read the Knitter's Review article. It doesn't sound easy to knit in the article, but so far, it is not too bad. It is very elastic, but I was looking for something very light so that he can wear it in spring time, so I guess this was the right choice.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Yarns for Hourglass Sweater

Here is the photo of my yarns that I used for Hourglass Sweater.

The brown one is Pura Lana Ecologica (100% ecologic wool, 50g/175m, color #: 635) and I probably used 6 balls. The recommended gauge is 24 sts/30 rows in 10x10 cm with 3.5-4 needles.. It is soft, not itchy, very nice yarn, and I had this for long, long time.

The pale blue one is Filatura di Crosa Kid Mohair (80% Mohair Kid, 20% Nylon, 25g/268yds, color #: 342) and I used about 3 balls. It gave depth in the sweater.

Overall, I am very much satisfied with this project. I would love to challenge it with different yarns some day.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hourglass Sweater Finished!!

I am so glad I finally finished my Hourglass Sweater!

I started this sometimes in February so it took about a month... which is not too bad...

So, how do I like it?

Of course, I LOVE this!!! This sweater is beautifully (really, really hourglasslike) designed so it snugles into you very much. The neck part came out a bit more open than that in the book, but that was perfect. It doesn't fit too tight and looks lighter so Ican wear it in spring time, too.

I used probably 6 balls of Pura Lana Ecologica (which I purchaced more than 10 years ago... finally in shape!!) combined wiht Filatura di Crosa's Kid Mohair.

I love the way it looks because it is very simple, yet sofisticated and elegant.

Now, I am finally done with this, I can start a new project - and I already purchased three skeins of Rowanspun in mist color. I am making my baby's pullover sweater - again from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts. This is going to be my fourth project from the same book.

Friday, March 25, 2005

My project list

Here is the list of project that I would like to work on....

1. Hourglass Sweater - almost, almost finished!! so this will be erased soon (hopefully).
2. My baby's pullover sweater - I have to find a yarn for this, I am going to use a pattern from Last Minute's Knitted Gift
3. My baby's Hooded sweater - I got 5 skeins of Louet Sales Opal in pewter, and the pattern will be from one of Debbie Bliss book
4. Spring Scarf for myself - I am not sure what kind of yarn I should use
5. Sleeveless Sweater for myself - I do have a general design of this sweater, but I don't know what yarn to use
6. Vest as a gift ...
7. something for my hubby... I can't find any patterns for him... I always have to make up my mind to knit for him, as his project is always huge...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Another project?

I haven't decided what to do, but I just started to make a ruffle scarf with Lorna's Lace's Shepperd Sock yarn.

I did really love the color pattern when I saw this skein, but as it happens always, I am not sure if I like it when it's knitted... but I just wanted to have a little break from my Hourglass project, as I made a mistake in creating shoulders....

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Skipped Knitting Circle today...

I was going to go to my knitting circle today, but I couldn't find anyone to babysit, and my Hourglass Sweater project is getting a bit hectic, as I am now working on the neck part, and I figured I would not have been able to work on it at the Knitting Circle in that dimmy light....

Anyway, if anyone is interested in our Knitting Circle on Staten Island, NY, it is on Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm at Muddy Cup. Here is the website of the host of this circle.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Welcome to my new blog!!

This is about my favorite knitting & yarns & etc....

I almost didn't want to start up this blog, because I knew i was going to lose even more time for knitting and get frustrated...

but I have been so much inspired by other knitter-bloggers (especially Allison's, and couldn't stop myself from doing this.

So, here comes my first post!!

I hope I can show some of my finished projects & get more and more inspiration from my fellow knitters...