Friday, June 06, 2008

Long Time No See

I have been knitting on and off for the last couple months but never had a time to update this blog (or didn't make enough effort to do that --- ). Anyway, thanks for all the emails asking me how I am doing these days, and sorry for those I haven't get back yet --- since I had my second son, I literally have no time for myself; and things are not getting better at all these days as my son has already crawling and cruising all over the house. Plus, my older son already got out of school for summer, so I am taking them out to pretty much anywhere they would like every day. I am totally becoming a mommy driver --- I can't believe I didn't have a driver's license when I had my older son.


First, I have long wanted to update this --- my knitting friend Mari's design appears on the current issue of Vogue Knitting!

とにもかくにも、まずこれをアップデートしたいとずっと思っていました。ニューヨークのあみものお友達のまりさん(通称まさん、彼女のブログはこちら)がついにvogue knitting のデザイナーとしてデビューしました。

Lace Skirt by Mari Tobita

It's so beautiful, isn't it? Unfortunately, I can't wear anything like this for a while with two gang boys. She had been working hard to design this, and I congratulate her from bottom of my heart.


Another friend of mine, Megumi, has her two designs on magazines --- one on Vogue knitting, and the other on Knit 1.

もう一人のお友達、めぐみさんは今回二つデザインしたものが出ています。一つはVogue Knittingで、もう一つはKnit 1という雑誌です。

Brioche Tank Top by Megumi Hirai

Rose Shrug by Megumi Hirai

They are both adorable! I wish I were a bit more skinny, then I would definitely try these --- I am currently nursing my baby and knit wears that I can wear right now are very limited.


I had been working on some sweaters during winter time, and unfortunately, none of them has been finished. Too bad ---


So, this time, I tried my best to finish up a sweater that I started to work this spring, and here you go:


Leaf Kimono Top

Leaf Kimono Top from IK Spring 2008
Designer: Sarah Barbour
Yarn: 2 skeins (1 and a little extra only) of Louet Merlin Tristan in pewter (discontinued --- ravelry link here
Needle: US6 (4mm)

I knitted the smallest size which is 32 1/2, and it came out a bit small to me. I don't need the ribbons in the back and I can just wear it. I didn't realize that the size that the model is wearing is 37 1/2 with 5" positive ease, and that she is a lot skinnier than me. Also, this yarn has 40% merino, which makes it a bit less lacy. So, I may frog this and purchase euroflax original and try it again. I really like the way it is loose fitted, and mine didn't come out in that way.

一番小さいサイズで編んでしまったため、ちょっと小さめになってしまいました。後ろのリボンがなくても普通に着れちゃうぐらいジャストフィットです。モデルさんは私より細いのに下から2番目のサイズを着ていたという事実をすっかり忘れて一番小さいサイズを編んでしまったこと、それから糸が40%メリノウールだったため、リネン100%よりもふんわり仕上がってしまったことなどが敗因です。なのでこれはほどいてしまって、euroflax originalを手に入れてもう一度編み直すかもしれません。モデルさんみたいにゆるめにかぶる感じのものが欲しいからです。

Here is the photo of blocking ---


Leaf Kimono Top

It's very simple pattern and creates such a beautiful line. Very clever pattern, I think.


I am currently working on Wakame Tunic Top from the same magazine. I am using Bamboo yarn, which is a blend of cotton and bamboo, and I received them from my mother. Last year, she sent me five balls of this yarn, and I asked if she has extra three balls this year, and she said yes, so I decided to work on this project. It's a nice yarn with a bit of sheen and drapery. The only thing I would complain is that this ball falls apart super easily. I always have to keep each ball in a small ziplock bag to prevent it from collapsing.

今は同じ号からWakame Tunic Topを編んでいます。内藤商事のBambooというコットンとバンブーの混紡の糸を使っています。実家の母が昨年5玉送ってくれて、追加の3玉手に入るか聞いたところ、手元にあるということだったので、今回使ってみました。バンブーが藍っているので、光沢もあり、ドレープも綺麗にでて、いまのところはいい感じ。唯一、玉崩れが激しいのが難点です。

Wakame Tunic Top

Have you seen the latest book of Norah Gaughan, vol. 3? I have always wanted to try some of her design, but never had a chance to get it. This one has a lot of my favorites --- here and here and here and here and here and here!! I can't wait to get this book!

Norah Gaughanさんの最新刊、 Norah Gaughan, vol. 3をご覧になった方いますか?彼女のデザイン、いつも編んでみたいと思いつつなかなか機会がありませんでした。今回は私の好みが目白押しで(これこれこれこれこれこれ)、ぜひ本を手に入れたいと思っているところです。