Monday, May 14, 2007

VK Spring/Summer 2007 Lace Dress Finished

I finally finished VK's Dress:


VK Spring/Summer 2007 Lace Dress

Pattern: Lacy Dress from VK Spring/Summer 2007
Designer: Shirley Paden
Yarn: 4 balls of 100% Bamboo (probably SWTC's , but with no label, so not sure...) approx 400g
Needle: US #6 (4mm) Circular (Addi)
Mods: Omitted Panel 1 (the bottom flair), omitted one repeat of lacy knot pattern on bottom sleeves

I am very pleased with the way it came out. It was not easy seaming the acorn inserts and body parts together all the time --- I was happy with the lengh of the body and sleeve; I am not tall at all, so this worked perfect. The only thing is that it looks like the neck line is going to stretch out a lot as I wear, so I may have to crochet slip stitches around the neckline to tighten it up.


Here is how it looks with mu 6-month pregnancy tummy --- I can still wear it, as it stretches very good.


VK Spring/Summer 2007 Lace Dress

Here is my Enid Cardi so far --- it's been sitting like this for a while. Why? Because something is wrong with its measurement. The collar was too wide and when I first tried it, it came off from my shoulder so much that I decided to add one more decrease... and now, the yoke part is too long that underarm doesn't fit at all, and the sleeves became too long... so I have to figure out what I can do to fix the measurement. I don't want to frog, though...

Enid Cardiはこんな感じです。ここまで出来てからしばらく放置されていました。というのも、なんだかサイズがおかしいからです。首周りがあきすぎていて、肩からずり落ちまくっていたので、もう一回減目を足したところ、ヨーク全体が大きくなりすぎてしまって、脇の下がぴったりこなくなってしまいました。さらに袖が長くなりすぎてしまって‥というわけで、なんとかいじって直してからステーク切りに入りたいと思っています。この次の秋までお預けでしょうか。ほどきたくないのですが‥

Enid Cardi

And here is my new project, Camellia. It's a fast knitting - using US #11 (8mm) and working on lace. I hope I will get this done very soon. Perfect for this weather!



Another one; Baudelaire from Knitty. I can finally resume working on sock knitting! My needles were all broken and I was not able to knit any socks or gloves for a while --- I can't work on dpns (because of my son), and I couldn't find any bamboo circular needles in small size in US. Then my friend suggested me to get a Japanese bamboo circular needle, and when she went back to Japan, she picked up my needles from size 0 to 3 (as this company won't ship them to overseas). I am using Sundara's yarn, and so far, I love it!

もうひとつ、ようやく靴下に取りかかっています。KnittyのBaudelaire です。ずっと編みたかったのですが、手持ちの針は全部折ってしまったので編めずじまい。5本針は息子がいるので使えず、竹の輪針の細いものはアメリカでは見つからず、悶々としていたところ、お友達が日本にあるよと教えてくれ、一時帰国の際にわざわざ買ってきてくださいました。ほんと感謝感謝です。今回はSundara's のソックヤーンを使っていますが、とっても編みやすいし、色も綺麗で大満足です。


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