Saturday, January 14, 2006

Volunteer Work

I was working on some volunteer work...

My son's school had a new year festival, and I donated all the hats and scarves that I made for this event.
It took soooo long to make all of them, and this was a great opportunity for me to try some of the pattern that I wanted to work on.

1. ruffles scarf and tweed hat

Pattern: my original (hat: an inch of rib on the botton + stockinette stitch; scarf: cast on about 100 sts and inc every other row four times --- nothing special, very easy)

Yarn: detail unknown; from my stash; the white one is 100% wool heavy worsted weight, and the blue one is 100% alpaca in sport weight

Needle: US 10 1/2 for the hat and US 8 for the scarf

Note: I thought this came out great! so simple, and so cute for little girls---

2. Gradational Hat & Scarf

Pattern: Hat - corrugated hat from Loop-d-Loop (designed by Teva Durham); Scarf - my original (garter stitches --- that's it)

Yarn: Knitpicks palette in white, mist and fog

Needle: US10 1/2

Note: I held two strands together to make a gradational effect. I wanted to try this corrugated hat pattern, so I took this opportunity. It came out very nice and soft. One of the first items that were sold at the festival.

3. Bonnet & Mini Scarf

Pattern: bonnett: baby bonnet from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (designed by Joelle Hoverson); scarf: my original

Yarn: brown - Joseph Galler Prime Alpaca (alpaca 100%), pink- Suss Design Ull (wool 100%)

Needle: US 8

Note: This is another pattern that I wanted to try, but had no opportunity to knit a girl's hat. This came out so beautiful, and I love the pattern. The scarf is again just a garter stitch, but instead of tying scarf, I made 1x1 rib holes to put through the end of the scarf.

4. Elf Hat & Tweed Scarf

Pattern: hat-Elf Hat from handknit holidays; scarf-my original

Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Hush and Andrean Silk in Hyacinth

Needle: US 10 1/2

Note: I make my elf hat and I love it, so I made the same thing in smaller size. It came out so cute! I held two strands together to knit the scarf so that it looks like tweed... I love this scarf as well. It is not so long, but has a big hole at the top to put through the other end.

5. Cable Hat & Scarf

Pattern: hat- asymmetrical mock cable hat (designed by Teva Durham); scarf- my original

Yarn: detail unknown; 100% wool in heavy worsted weight from my stash

Needle: US10 1/2

This is another pattern that I wanted to try -- she is so smart!! I can' believe how this complicated-looking pattern looks so simple, cool & sofisticated --- this hat stretches a lot that even adult can wear it. I wanted to make a scarf that are kind of matching to the hat, so I conbined 1x1 rib and mock stitich to make it as a part of the set. Since I used only 1x1 rib and mock stitches, so it looks same from both front and back.

6. Simple rib hat & scarf

Pattern: my original (simple 2x2 ribs)

Yarn: detail unknown, 100% wool in heavy worsted weight from my stash

Needle: US 10 1/2

Note: This yarn had some accent bopples here and there, so I knitted very very simple 2x2 rib pattern.

7. Crochet Hat & Moss Stitch Scarf

Pattern: hat- crochet pattern from this Japanese book. I love this pattern! so cute... I don't crochet so much so I took for a while to finish it, but it came out nice. The scarf is my original; it's a simple moss stithes all the way, and put a crochet edge and flower motif mini band to put through the other end.

Yarn: peach- sirdar superwash (100% wool); green- detail unknown (alpaca 100%)

Needle: crochet hook JPN #7 and US #8 needle

Note:I like this combination of color; something that I can' wear at all but looks so cute on kids.

8. Neck warmer

Pattern: this Japanese book

Yarn: Red Heart Supersaver

Needle: US 8 and JPN 7 crochet hook

Note: This is knitted with yarns donated to school. This is another pattern that I wanted to work on. It's a combination of knitted 2x2 ribs and crocheted meshes. It took for a while to put all the fringe. It came out nice, and even an adult can wear it.

9. Flower motif scarf

Pattern: my original

Yarn: Lion wool-ease

Needle: US 8

Note: This yarn was also donated to school. I was trying to use the exactly same technique (2x2 rib & crocheted mesh pattern) in a different style, and came out as this. It looks for a while to make all the flowers...

Oh, I think I made a lot!!