Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Knitting Cafe @Loop of the Loom

I was invited to join a Knitting Cafe at Loop of the Loom, which is located in Englewood, NJ. It will be open from 10:30am to 2:30pm on Saturday, February 3. If you are interested in, please contact 201-567-8771 for details.

ニュージャージー州Englewoodにある手織り工房Loop of the Loomにて、以下の通り一日限りのニッティングカフェを行うことになりました。もしお近くに住まいの方でご興味ある方がいらっしゃいましたら、下記宛ご連絡ください。楽しみにしています。


2月3日(土) ワカナ・ゲイツさんのニッティングカフェ
open 10:30 am 〜 2:30 pm

日本クラブでも人気の講師ワカナさんをお迎えして、 1日限りのニッティングカフェをオープン!
はじめてでも大丈 夫。
ビギナーからアドバンスまで、自宅からお手持ちの編み物を持ち込んで編み 物を楽しんでいただいても結構ですし、この冬中に終わりそうにない編みかけの作品 を持ってきて先生のアドバイスで頑張ってみませんか?
英語のインストラクションの読み方や糸の選び方など、質問に先生が 丁寧に対応します。

イチから始める方には、キットを販売しています。いっ しょに始めましょう!
初級者向け:ハンドウォーマー (肌触りのいい シルク&ウールのNoroの糸をご用意してます)
中級者向け:ハリネズミ のパペット (ウォルドーフスクールの手編みキットをご用意しています)

参加費: $15  NY現役パティシエ(友情参加)による 十八番ケーキと、おかわり自由のコーヒー付き。
定員: 10名まで。
お申し込み・お問合せは Eメールかお電話で(201‐ 567‐8771)。

*Emailアドレスは、Loop of the Loomのウェブサイトから左下にあるmailを選択すると表示されます。

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Very belated Happy New Year to all of you... I am sorry I wasn't able to update this blog at all for the whole months. This December - January period is always hectic with lots of events, and I usually can't do to much with knitting.


We had a wonderful Christmas party at our apartment on Christmas eve, and had a family dinner on Christmas day, and I had a couple year-end parties with my friends, and my mom and auntie came from Japan at the end of December and spent New Year's Day together, and soon my son's school started, and he got some germ from somewhere, and got sick with fever, and last friday, when his temperature finally went down to normal and we thought he finally fought it off, the fever all of a sudden went up from 98.3F to 104.6F in an hour! He started to shiver so much and started to lose color, so we called 911 and got an ambulance, and with oxigen mask, poor my son was taken to ER...


Since then, he is on antibiotic, and we were so hoping that he would get better, and he was actually behaving pretty much normal, but then, we got a phone call again from ER that his sickness could be more serious than they thought on friday, and therefore, we needed to take him back to ER... and he got a very painful shot on his butt, and lots of bloodwork, and now, he has so many bruises on both arms and palms... the shot was probably very painful, because he was limping for a long time after that... i felt so bad...


and I have to take him back to the doctor's office to get another shot on his butt.... i don't want to go, but i have to take him.


Anyway, I just wanted to keep track of what I did at the end of last year. I finished Swallowtail Shawl, Gossamer shawl and brown caplet. They all came out, I think...

話がずれましたが、昨年の年度末に仕上げたものをのせておきます。Swallowtail Shawl, Gossamer Shawl, Brown Capletを仕上げました。いい感じになったと思うのですが‥

Swallowtail Shawl from IK Fall 2006 designed by Everyn Clark
Yarn: less than one ounce of Jaggerspun Zephyr in Blueberry

Swallowtail Shawl

It has a good definition on the center, and I like it.


Swallowtail Shawl Center

Edging, especially the lily of the valley pattern, is so pretty!


Swallowtail Edging

Overall, this triangle shawl was well designed so that you won't get tired of knitting at all!


Here is the finished gossamer shawl. I used almost three balls of Karabella's Gossamer. It has a beautiful shine in it.

I was using a pattern on N. 456-5 mohair sweater from Phildar's Tendances Automne 06/07.

次はgossamer shawlです。KarabellaのGossamerという糸を使いました。キラキラしていて綺麗です。

Gossamer Shawl

Gossamer Shawl Pattern

And lastly, I finished my caplet, too. This is a combination of diagonal knot stitch (brown part) and simple stockinette & garter stitch (beige part). The beige yarn is a combination of Suss mohair in brown color and Habu's Tobi moire. The brown part is Suss ull and Cascade 220. While I was knitting the middle part with Suss yarn, I ran out of the yarn, and I decided to use cascade 220 for the rest because they look quite alike. Can you see the difference? The colors are a bit different. I also put i-cord ribbon through the neck to tie it up later on.

最後に、カプレットです。diagonal knot stitch(茶色の部分)とメリヤス&ガーター編み(ベージュの部分)を組み合わせたもの。ベージュの部分はSuss MohairとHabuのとびモールです。茶色の部分はセンターの部分がSuss Ullというウール100%の糸で、下の方はCascade 220という糸。途中でSussの糸が亡くなってしまったのですが、この糸屋さんもなくなってしまって買い足すことが出来なかったので、似たようなCascade 220で続けました。途中から違う糸を使っているの、わかりますか?色がちょっとだけ違うんです。この写真にはありませんが、最後にi-cordのリボンを通しました。


For now, I need to focus on my son's recovery. He is pretty strong, and almost never gets sick, so he should be all right.
I am going to post on a couple more stuff in the next couple days, and hopefully start working on my wishlist - phildar's jacket, enid cardi and venetia pullover. Oh, I love Norah Gaughan's cabled shrug on the cover of VK Winter 2006/07!! Isn't it amazing? I want to knit it so bad!

近日中に今年に入って編んだものをのせたいと思っています。それから、昨年からずっと言っているphildarのジャケット、enid cardi, venetia pulloverをいい加減始めたいです。今回のVKの表紙にあるNorah Gaughanさんのケーブルシュラグ、すっごく素敵!すっごく編みたいんです‥