Monday, May 11, 2009

Long Time No See

Last christmas, I wrote that I would update this blog once a week this year --- and now, it's already May! Time flies, really. I have been busy taking care of my two sons, and I just could not have time to sit down and write something. It's May now, and greens are just so gorgeous here!


I don't have much time knitting something that I would love to --- but I still manage to squeeze out bits of times. Most items that I finished this year is for someone else --- gifts. I would love to knit something for myself sometimes soon.


Recently, I finished knitting two Striped Dress from Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine Spring/Summer 2009. The puff sleeves are just adorable (maybe because I don't have a girl- ). I would love to knit this again.

最近編んだギフトはDebbie Bliss Knitting Magazineの最新号に掲載されているstriped dressです。といってもドレスを編むほどの余裕がなく、2枚編んだのですが両方ともTシャツみたいな感じになってしまいました。それでもこのパフスリーブがかわいくって、またももう1枚編んでみたいなあ、と思ったりします。

This one is knitted with Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere. This is for new born girl. It's really tiny:

こちらはDebbie BlissのCotton Cashmereで編みました。新生児用です。とっても小さいです:

Debbie Bliss Striped dress

This one is for my 12 month old niece --- I used one ball each of Jaeger Siena 4 ply and Hemp for knitting 3 ply. I didn't have enough yarn so this has no decreases at all on body.

もう一つは、Jagger のSiena 4 plyとHemp for Knittingの3plyで編みました。こちらは1玉ずつで終わらせるためにギャザーも入れず、完全にTシャツ型です。12ヶ月用です:


DB's patterns are beautiful! It has a lot of increase/decrease, so it seems to be a bit complicated, but it creates such a beautiful shape and I did like it. Very detailed pattern. I would love to knit something for myself some day.

Debbie Bliss先生のパターンは線が綺麗ですね。増減が結構入るので、ちょっと面倒くさいかもしれませんが、ラインが綺麗に出るのでいいなあと思いました。細部にこだわっている感じだし。大人ものもいつか編めたらいいのですが。

By the way, younger son is now 1 1/2 yr old --- and I love this diaper cover. This is the most frequently used one;






This is how he looks:






I used one skein of Koigu Kersti (multi-colored yarn) and one 25g ball of 100% cashmere (gray). I combined a couple different patterns of diaper covers and adjusted it to fit it to my son, because my son is very tiny and skinny --- I always need elastic band as his waist is very small.


This summer, I am going back to japan for two months for the first time in eight years. I cannot believe I haven't been back to my country for EIGHT years... anyway, I would like to enjoy walking around Tokyo area, hunting some unique yarns --- if you know any place to visit, please let me know. I can't wait to go see my family!